TCB Physician Billing Solutions
            Taking Care of Your Business



Billing and Collection of Physician Services. Do you have a  30%, 40% or 50% denial rate? Are more of your accounts 90 and 120 days and aging? Using one of the industry's top physician billing software, we are able to efficiently and accurately submit your claims.  By significantly decreasing clerical errors on intial claim submission, we can improve both the intial collection rate and decrease the time to payment from Medicare and other insurance carriers.

Credentialing on Insurance Panels  Tired of completing long forms and following-up to see if everything has been submitted to be able to participate on an insurance panel?  We are here to take care of the paperwork so you can focus on your patients.

Analysis of the Business. Do you know which of your procedures are frequently denied by which insurance carriers? Do you know your denial rate? How old are your collections?   We provide you with timely reports on the status of your practice which allows you to make adjustments  to maximize timely collections.  We keep up-to-date on the latest coverage decisions and changes in coding so you are prepared

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